Hereford back pain sufferer finally cured after 20 years with IDD Therapy

“My life was ruled by back pain…until IDD Therapy Spinal Decompression came to my rescue.”
56 year old Steve Moore of Avenue Landscapes, Hereford suffered for 20 years with severe back pain which overshadowed all aspects of his life.  He explains:
“The pain I suffered was unbearable at times and it had a negative impact on my life in general.  I have a very physical job as a landscape gardener so the spasms I suffered affected the way I worked; my body was very stiff and I wasn’t able to bend forward without support so this made strenuous tasks such as digging and putting up fences very difficult.”
Over the years Steve tried several manual treatments including chiropractic, acupuncture and massage therapy.  The treatments helped him but the therapeutic effects were only ever temporary.
The treatments I got from the chiropractor, acupuncturist and sports massage therapist seemed to relax my spine at the time but after a day or two I would feel the spasms returning and once again my back would tense up and I’d be afraid to move.”
In November 2011 Steve’s condition worsened and as well as the pain in his lower back, he began to get pain across the middle of his spine, in his ribs and a sciatic pain radiating down his thighs.
Suddenly, over a period of a few weeks, my pain seemed to travel into other parts of my back and I began to get shooting pains down my thighs.”
Steve’s sports therapist suggested that he visit Leominster Osteopaths as the clinic was offering a non-surgical back pain treatment called IDD Therapy which might be able to help him.
In January 2012 I went to Leominster Osteopaths; they arranged an MRI scan which showed that I had scoliosis (curvature of the spine) and several disc bulges which were pressing on some nerves in my spine.”
Steve was advised that the safest and most appropriate way to treat his condition would be a series of IDD Therapy treatments.
Back pain conditions are usually located at a particular level of the spine.  IDD Therapy is a mechanical treatment which uses gentle and precise computer-controlled pulling forces to safely distract (draw apart) targeted segments of the spine, taking pressure off specific discs and relieving muscle spasm.
IDD Therapy back pain treatment
“I felt relieved when I was told that my condition could be treated with IDD Therapy.  I had to be patient as the improvement was very gradual but with every session I became more mobile and was in less pain.
At the end of the programme I was completely free of pain – and two years later, I’m still amazed that can do my job and live my life without anything holding me back.”
Clinic Director Mark Roughley is delighted with the positive impact IDD Therapy has made on both his clinic and his patients.  He says:
We’ve been treating patients with IDD Therapy for three years now.  If we didn’t have IDD, many of these patients would probably resort to invasive treatments such as injections or surgery.
IDD Therapy has finally enabled us to offer our patients an effective non-invasive treatment option.  IDD isn’t the answer to all back pain problems, but overall, our disc patients in particular, have seen a distinct and lasting improvement with the treatment.  
From a personal perspective, it’s extremely gratifying to know that we have been able to help them.”
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