Back In Line Therapy Centre brings IDD Therapy Spinal Decompression to Oxfordshire

Back in Line Therapy Centre in Bicester is somewhat of a spine treatment specialist.

Led by mother and daughter team, Sally and Steph Stanworth, the clinic has recently expanded to provide IDD Therapy spinal decompression. 

Nena Mager, Sally Stanworth & Steph Stanworth

Both Sally and Steph are McTimoney Chiropractors and the clinic also offers massage, acupuncture as well as counselling services.    Sally says:

“IDD Therapy spinal decompression works alongside chiropractic care and fits within our ethos of avoiding invasive treatment and medication wherever possible. IDD Therapy enable us to get better results for patients struggling with the sort of problems which need more than manual therapy on its own.”

The installation was an interesting one.  The easiest way to bring in the Accu SPINA was through the window by removing the window frame and making use of a lift genie. 

Great to have the team on board. 

For appointments:

Tel 01869 601117

About the Author:Stephen Small