When to have spinal surgery, when not to. London Neurosurgeon Explains.

A lot of pain sufferers are unsure when they should consider spinal surgery.  So we interviewed leading London Neurosurgeon Mr Dan Plev and asked the questions which people commonly have.

There are interviews relating to surgery for back pain, neck pain, sciatica and herniated discs and one relating to the role of spinal injections.  

Physio Clinic Derbyshire expands with IDD Therapy – Treeline Therapy Centre

Treeline Therapy Centre in Darley Dale is the latest physiotherapy clinic to expand their spine service offering with IDD Therapy.

Here, clinic owner Jo Briddon talks about IDD Therapy whilst undergoing a treatment.

Treeline provide an array of physiotherapy services as well as Pilates.  Adding IDD Therapy, Jo says:

“These days we are seeing a lot more people with disc issues.

Video – Croydon Physio Anthony Padgett “IDD Therapy treats more people than I imagined”

Anthony Padgett MCSP is Clinic Director of the Back in Shape Clinic – a leading a physiotherapy and pilates clinic in Croydon, Surrey.

Here Anthony demonstrates IDD Therapy whilst talking generally about how the treatment works and the disc patients who it is intended for.  Tellingly at the end Anthony says something casually which is extremely powerful:

“To date IDD Therapy offers a treatment which I haven’t come across in 30 years of working.”

Physiotherapy Chester Video – Mark Browes of 10 Bridge Physio Clinic describes the benefits of IDD Therapy for his patients.

10 Bridge Physiotherapy Clinic near Chester is a well established physio clinic providing full range of rehab services including IDD Therapy.

Clinic Director Mark Browes spent his early career as the Head Physio at Liverpool Football Club before setting up 10 Bridge.

Here Mark talks about the difference IDD Therapy is making for back pain sufferers and how IDD fits in to an overall rehab programme for the long term.

Kent osteopathy clinic brings in IDD Therapy – Hythe Osteopathy & Spine Clinic

Ironically, many osteopaths and manual therapists suffer with back pain whilst relieving others of their back pain!  It is the physical nature of the job and no stranger to back pain is Kentish osteopath Clive Giblin.

Clive suffered for many years and when nothing else was working, he visited a colleague in Goudhurst,