Will IDD Therapy Work For Me?

The number one question patients want to know with any treatment is, ‘will it work for me?’. It is no different for patients attending an IDD Therapy Disc Clinic.

Every person with back pain has a unique set of circumstances; from how long they have had pain, to what caused their pain to how lifestyle factors are affecting their condition over time.

IDD Therapy offers an excellent opportunity for patients to resolve their pain and dysfunction. However, we need to be under no illusion that no single treatment programme can ever resolve all back problems. That is the same for IDD Therapy.

When clinics around the world talk in terms of 70%+ success rates for IDD Therapy, it is impressive when we consider that patients have usually failed to respond to other treatments. This is why insurance companies like Aviva cover IDD Therapy.

However, for some people IDD Therapy will not give a desired level of change. Patients should discuss their condition with their supervising practitioner and be mindful that the closer they stick to the treatment plan and guidance they receive, the better their prospects for success.

By Stephen Small, IDD Therapy Disc Clinics

About the Author:Stephen Small