How IDD Therapy Mobilises The Spine – Unplanned Live Flexion-Extension Measure Using ViMove

In this video, Stephen Small (IDD Therapy Disc Clinics), Sally Lansdale (Spinex Disc Clinic) and Andy Curtis (ViMove) conduct an impromptu experiment using ViMove gyroscopic movement sensors DURING an IDD Therapy treatment.

This is the first time such an experiment has been conducted.  The intent was to look at muscle activity, however, what came out revealed something we hadn’t set out to show!

Disc Herniation Treatment Video – George talks about his IDD Therapy treatment and experience with ViMove at Spinex Disc Clinic London

In this video filmed by movement measurement specialists dorsaVi at Spinex Disc Clinic in London, herniated disc pain sufferer George shares his experience of IDD Therapy treatment and how it has changed his life.

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Spinex Disc Clinic was the UK’s first dedicated spinal disc treatment centre based just off Edgware Road in London.