Sciatica sufferer Julie was housebound until she discovered the IDD Therapy spinal disc programme

Three years ago Julie Phillips cycled 500 miles across the Rift Valley in Kenya.  At that time, her back pain and sciatica was just about manageable.  But as the months rolled on, the pain worsened and Julie found it more and more difficult to stay mobile and carry on with her usual activities.


Julie explains: “The pain was like a burning belt around my lower back which spread down into my thigh – I could only stand or walk for a couple of minutes without needing to rest, At 64, I thought I was going to spend my retirement as a disabled person.”

Having tried manual treatments without success, Julie ended up in limbo, feeling low: “I had physiotherapy sessions but they didn’t help.  I even had facet joint injections but they only lasted a couple of weeks – and they were incredibly painful. I was given stronger painkillers but these made me giddy. I felt very despondent and didn’t know which way to turn.”

Julie finally took matters into her own hands and after some research found IDD Therapy at Wealden Osteopaths and Spine Centre in Goudhurst, Kent:  “I made enquiries and found that IDD Therapy is particularly successful for sciatica.

“At an initial assessment with Clinical Director James Pickering, I was told that there was a good chance IDD Therapy could help me.  Because my condition was severe, I knew I would need a series of treatments but actually, I felt a huge relief after the first two. The sessions were very relaxing and with each one, the pain eased a little more and I could walk a few steps further.”

Julie progressed well and halfway through the programme, her pain had significantly reduced.

“I finished my IDD Therapy treatment last summer and I’m feeling like a new person! I’ve got no pain and I’m completely active again.  The other day I went for a four mile dog walk with my grandchildren… when we got home the kids and the dogs were pooped!  I’m so relieved to have found IDD Therapy; I’ve truly been given a new lease of life.”

James Pickering is delighted with Julie’s progress:  It’s wonderful to see patients like Julie doing so well with IDD Therapy after almost giving up hope of ever getting out of pain and back to ‘normal’. The treatment programme is an invaluable part of our services and our first choice for long term back pain, neck pain and sciatica.”


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