Patient story – “From 8 pain killers a day to no pain killers.” IDD Therapy at Active Therapy Clinic

This story was shared by physiotherapist David Ede of Active Therapy Clinic in Cirencester.  Patient Chris describes what IDD Therapy has done for his sciatica.


Active Therapy is an osteopathy and physiotherapy clinic where David Ede is lead physiotherapist and Stephen Haynes is the head osteopath.

IDD Therapy at Active Therapy Clinic

The clinic provides a spectrum of services including IDD Therapy for unresolved disc and sciatica problems.  As Stephen and David have been treating more patients with IDD Therapy, it is exciting to now hear about their growing insights and understanding of the treatment.

Clinics such as Active Therapy are at the forefront of non-invasive spine care and developing new approaches to resolve conditions which previously would have seen patients confined to pain clinics.

In this example, it is fantastic to hear Chris’s progression and how he has been able to move off his pain killers completely.

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