IDD Therapy in Oman – Muscat Osteopathy & Wellness Centre

Congratulations to Scott Johnston and the team who have recently added IDD Therapy to their clinic in Oman.

Scott is a highly experienced Osteopath and co-founder of Muscat Osteopathy & Wellness Centre in Oman.

Originally from Scotland, Scott was keen for IDD Therapy to be a central part of the clinics. Scott says:

“I have treated thousands of patients but always found that certain patients with disc problems, didn’t respond as well as I would like.

When I lived in the UK I would refer patients to other clinics who provided IDD Therapy. Having seen the results for them and others, when surgery had seemed like the only option, it was important that IDD Therapy would be a central part of the clinic.

Now patients can have the reassurance that we have the best non-invasive treatment for them”

Delivery for Scott!!!

It is fantastic to have Scott and the team as part of the global IDD Therapy Provider network and we wish them every success!

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About the Author:Stephen Small