Neck Pain Treatment: How IDD Therapy spinal decompression helps people with neck pain caused by a herniated disc.

One common comment from people having IDD Therapy spinal decompression for neck pain is that they report having to adjust their rear view mirror when they get in the car.  This is a good sign of improved posture in the neck.
Neck Pain caused by herniated discs affects thousands of people each year. 
When standard manual therapy and exercise does not resolve the problem, treatment options are extremely limited.
Whilst IDD Therapy gets most of its headlines for back pain treatment, many providers are as, if not more, excited about the treatment possibilities for the cervical spine because unresolved neck pain has so few treatment options.
Invasive procedures can and do help people with neck problems, however, for many people IDD spinal decompression gives them an opportunity to use conservative means to get relief for their neck pain.

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IDD Therapy is a non-surgical spinal decompression treatment which gently distracts and mobilises targeted spinal segments (lower back or neck).  IDD Therapy is commonly used as a tool to treat unresolved back and neck pain, particularly conditions related to the intervertebral disc.

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