IDD Therapy Liverpool – Evolution at Balance Health Centre

Earlier this year we installed an Accu Spina in Liverpool for Michael Furlong of Balance Health Centre.

This was me with Michael (center) at the training.

Michael actually moved some walls in his clinic to make room for IDD in a dual purpose treatment room.

Having suffered with his back and wanting to avoid surgery, Michael’s friend had recommended he have IDD Therapy in Buxton.

After that his receptionist went to Nantwich for IDD and the decision was unanimously taken that the clinic should definitely have IDD!

When a clinic gets IDD, change does not happen overnight. Rather, it is a case of gradual changes and improvements over time.

Whether that is systems, marketing, new website, staffing or just improving the non-surgical spine programmes.

Here is Michael now. He has actually moved the position of his Accu SPINA (by moving a door which was where the tower is now) and as you can see, he’s made signage.

I like the sign. It gives confidence and it’s actually an important detail.

A detail of progressive improvements in the clinic, a clinic ticking off those small improvements in every area of their practice.

If you or someone you know is struggling with unresolved back pain or neck pain, especially if they have a herniated or bulging disc with leg pain, contact the clinic:

Michael Furlong, Balance Health Centre, 461 West Derby Road, Tuebrook, Liverpool, L6 4BL – Tel: 0151 263 6442 |

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