Desk Bound Egg Timer – Simple Tool For Desk Bound Workers To Remind Them To Get Up Regularly!

If you work in an office, the chances are you do not move around enough. You may find yourself sitting at your desk for hours at a time and this is terrible for your back and your body!

You probably know you should get up and move around, but do you??  Most of us don’t!

Now, we don’t want to complicate our lives but a simple tool is available on the very computer which keeps you transfixed, which can ensure we move!

If you search “thirty minute timer” or “one hour timer” in google, you will find this countdown.  It’s free.  I call it the “Desk Bound Egg Timer”.

The Desk Bound Egg Timer
The Desk Bound Egg Timer

You simply set it and after the allotted time it beeps quietly.

With the sound of the beep, it is not hard to get up, walk up the office, maybe drink some water and then come back.

When you arrive in work, turn on your timer as soon as you turn your computer on.  Give it a go and see if it helps you get up from your desk and free your back!

If you would like a word document of this article for yourself or your patients, you can open it here and use it as you wish.


Stephen Small Author’s Note: I got the idea for the Desk Bound Egg Timer during a role play exercise at an Osteopathy conference where I was exhibiting IDD Therapy.  Whilst acting the role of a desk bound back pain sufferer in a workshop, I thought a physical timer (as used by cooks) on my desk might help me to get up and move more frequently.  I googled such a timer and immediately saw that Google offered a solution.  And voilà – the Desk Bound Egg Timer was there all the time 🙂

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