Certain patients need something more than manual therapy.  This may be a small percentage of patients, but given the numbers of back pain and neck pain sufferers in our communities, clinics can offer such patients a non-invasive solution and in turn expand their practice.

IDD Therapy is the leading spinal decompression treatment with over 2,000 providers globally.  In the UK there is a network of clinics using IDD Therapy and treatment is now covered by Aviva Insurance in its own right.

IDD Therapy can form part of your practice.  It can help you differentiate your services and give patients who think that there are no more treatment options a compelling reason to consider coming to see an osteopath.  The focus of treatment is primarily patients with unresolved disc problems, lumbar or cervical, and sciatica.

Adam Balderstone (blue shirt) with Stephen Small receives his Accu SPINA

Patients have a programme of treatment.  The original protocol is based on a programme of 20 sessions over a six week period.  Most commonly, the programme is eight weeks with patients initially coming three times per week.

Thus a succesful disc service does not require huge numbers of patients to be very busy.

The way to think of IDD Therapy is targeted decompression with longitudinal mobilisation.  IDD Therapy created the category of targeted decompression.  Spinal decompression is well established within mainstream healthcare in the US and expanding rapidly in the UK, especially amongst osteopaths.

How to Provide IDD Therapy

There are two routes to becoming an IDD Therapy Disc Clinic:
– Be Our Partner

– Lease Purchase

Be Our Partner – The Accu SPINA machine is an asset to any clinic.  For practices who wish to explore the treatment, the Be Our Partner programme is a unique rental arrangement (UK only) where clinics pay a monthly rent with an option to purchase their machine at any time.

Lease Purchase – The finance option enables clinics to add an asset to their business through a monthly finance programme.  The agreement is such that a clinic need carry out just 12 treatments a month to own their Accu SPINA.

If you would like further details including pricing and the investment model, complete the form below and we will send you further information.  Thank you for your interest.