Looking for a way to help more patients and increase your clinic profits?

Then expand your conservative spine service with IDD Therapy spinal decompression.

Does this describe you?

  • You are frustrated that you can’t do more for certain disc patients
  • You are passionate to help patients avoid invasive treatments
  • You want to make more income to create time to work ON your business
  • You want a treatment and revenue stream which your team can manage
  • You want a clinical USP to be a stand out MSK clinic
  • You want a treatment offering which isn’t physically demanding to prolong your career
  • You want to increase profits for investments inside and outside the clinic
  • You want to increase the value of your business for sale when you retire

If you answered yes to any of the above, IDD Therapy can help you to achieve your goals.

First and foremost, the goal of IDD Therapy is to help patients with certain spinal conditions get off pain medication, avoid injections and even surgery, enabling them to get their life back.

In the same moment, developing a spinal USP over time allows you to achieve a level of financial return which creates investment possibilities few other modalities can compete with. 

Why IDD Therapy?

  • Fits the osteopathic framework of patient care
  • Increases credibility from mainstream healthcare
  • Over 2,000 systems globally
  • Soon to be 50 UK IDD Therapy locations
  • Successful for patients and clinic owners
  • Revenue increase by £25k, £60k & £100k+ per year

Over the past ten years we have grown the UK network of providers.  The first clinic was led by an Osteopath in Glasgow which grew from a traditional clinic to become a state-of-the-art centre of spinal excellence.

Whilst some clinic owners use their success to expand their clinics significantly, many single or dual practitioner clinics expand to a point of comfort where the new treatment fills the diary, makes more from underused treatment space and is gentle on their body.

With just a modest deposit and easy lease finance to bring an Accu SPINA system in to your clinic, IDD Therapy providers generate profits helping just one patient per month.

After that, profit increases significantly as you help more patients.

IDD Therapy isn’t complicated to administer.  If you can safely strap an ankle, then you can set up a patient on the Accu SPINA, in fact it is easier to do an IDD treatment than strap an ankle.

You and your team benefit from training and you can start treating patients the next day.

Your Accu SPINA can be installed in a single room or it can be positioned on one wall in a dual purpose room.

In the dual purpose room, you would have your Accu SPINA and a treatment couch in the room so that you book out either IDD Therapy or manual therapy sessions.

Insurance – Once trained, you and your associates receive a training certificate for your personal insurance which is recognised by the iO and Balens.

IDD Therapy can also be administered by Sports Therapists in your team or you can recruit once you get your programme established.

Joining the network

  • Simple marketing strategy to attract target patients
  • Geographic exclusivity available
  • Supportive IDD whatsapp group
  • Listing on the IDD clinic finder
  • IDD provider conference
  • Accu SPINA lasts 10+ years

To find out more, simply download a prospectus below or send your interested via our Contact Page form.

If you would like someone to visit you at your clinic, please use the Contact Page.