London disc specialist solves ski instructor’s chronic sciatica with IDD Therapy

Property developer and part-time ski instructor, Michael Floyd thought he may have to give up teaching on the Austrian slopes after his back pain and sciatica of nearly three years finally took its toll.

58 year old Michael suffered with lower back pain but his main worry was that his left leg – and sometimes his right – was going numb from time to time; he had noticed some weakness in his legs too.  Last year things got unbearable for Michael and he found that he couldn’t walk uphill one day; he virtually collapsed in the street and had to sit down for about half an hour to recover. Michael says: “I had acute nerve spasms and pain in my upper legs and thighs which made walking very difficult.”

Michael’s friend recommended IDD Therapy treatment at Spinex Disc Clinic in central London as he had recently recovered with the treatment programme himself.   Spinex Disc Clinic’s Clinical Director, Sally Lansdale says: Michael came to us in October 2016 and he was desperate  to take up his ski instructor’s post in Austria in December.  So we had a month to get him better… and we did!

IDD Therapy is Sally Lansdale’s first choice treatment               for spinal disc-related conditions

His MRI scan showed two disc bulges at L3/4 and L4/5, with moderate central canal stenosis in the higher intervertebral disc area. We treated him with the IDD Therapy programme over the next few weeks and his improvement was excellent.”

Michael left for Austria at the beginning of December and he posted photo and video updates on Facebook. He says:  I noticed a change after about eight treatments – when I became more mobile and could walk uphill which was impossible before.  I can now walk uphill and stand up for longer periods without discomfort.  Many thanks to all the team for their help.”

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About the Author:Stephen Small