IDD Therapy disc treatment arrives at Berkhamsted Osteopaths in Hertfordshire

Neck Treatment Training IDD Therapy - cropped
            UK IDD Therapy trainer, Sally Lansdale             demonstrates a cervical disc treatment

Another new AccuSPINA was recently flown from the US and installed at the UK’s 27th IDD Therapy Disc Clinic.

With the Chiltern Hills as its stunning backdrop, Berkhamsted Osteopaths is a thriving multidisciplinary clinic run by Tim and Juliet Hanwell.  The team of ten has a wealth of experience and includes five osteopaths together with practitioners in acupuncture and sports therapy.

Tim has followed the development of IDD Therapy for several years now:

“I first became aware of IDD Therapy at the COPA Practice Growth Show a few years ago.  The IDD machine is obviously an impressive piece of kit visually but what it can do for herniated discs and associated nerve pain is quite incredible.  I tried the treatment for myself and could feel the gentle impact in my lumbar spine.”

Berkhamsted Osteopaths Training Certificates
     It’s Official!  From L to R: Sally Lansdale,  Tim Hanwell, Clare Adams and Juliet Hanwell

Since 1997 the team has been serving the local community, establishing strong links with GPs, midwives and local sporting clubs.  Theirs is a fully integrated approach:

“Each patient has their own individual circumstances which in turn bring us a unique set of challenges.  Spinal disc patients have typically had back or neck pain for months – even years in some cases – and they usually need something more than manual therapy.

IDD Therapy fits perfectly into our non-invasive and holistic approach, creating a platform for natural healing to take place.  It really is a big move forward in the way we can treat chronic back pain, neck pain and sciatica.”

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