If you are struggling to recruit new team members or are simply looking to enhance and expand your spine care service, IDD Therapy spinal decompression is the solution for you.

With over 1,000 providers globally and the fastest growing network of providers in the UK, IDD Therapy is changing the way chiropractors can help patients with unresolved pain.

Adam Balderstone (blue shirt) with Stephen Small receives his Accu SPINA

Patients have a programme of treatment which can be administered by associates or sports therapists under your supervision.  The original protocol is based on a programme of 20 sessions over a six to eight week period.

The average UK treatment price is £70 outside London and prices range from £60 to £115 based on 45 minute billing.

A successful disc service does not require huge numbers of patients to be very busy.

LIFE CHIROPRACTIC TEACHING IDD THERAPY – Such is the establishment of IDD Therapy now, that in 2020 world-renowned Life Chiropractic College added an Accu SPINA to their chiropractic training clinic to teach students IDD Therapy.

Spinal decompression is well established within mainstream chiropractic and is expanding rapidly in the UK.

Vanessa Robinson with her Accu SPINA

How to Provide IDD Therapy

Clinics can buy their Accu SPINA or take advantage of lease finance.  With a small deposit and monthly payment, clinics seeing one patient a month make a positive return on their investment. 

You can position an Accu SPINA in a small treatment room or in a dual purpose room.  You only need access from one side so the machine can go against one wall.

For full details of how IDD Therapy can fit into practice as well as investment and revenue details, complete the form below and you can receive our prospectus. Thanks for your interest.