IDD Therapy disc treatment arrives at Berkhamsted Osteopaths in Hertfordshire

Another new AccuSPINA was recently flown from the US and installed at the UK’s 27th IDD Therapy Disc Clinic.

With the Chiltern Hills as its stunning backdrop, Berkhamsted Osteopaths is a thriving multidisciplinary clinic run by Tim and Juliet Hanwell.  The team of ten has a wealth of experience and includes five osteopaths together with practitioners in acupuncture and sports therapy.

Crippling back pain saw me carried into the clinic … After IDD Therapy I walked out by myself

44 year old flooring expert Alex Robinson thought he might never work again when he was struck with excruciating back pain.

“As a floor layer, I’m often kneeling over in the same position for hours at a time.  At first the episodes were a bit ‘hit and miss’ but last summer I had three weeks of complete agony which ended with me flat on my back and unable to work.”

Alex had tried various manual treatments over the years but none gave him any lasting improvement.

Manchester Orthopaedic Surgeon Introduces IDD Therapy Disc Treatment

Orthopaedic surgeon Mr Bahman Shooshtarizadeh (Mr Shoo) has recently set up an IDD Therapy Disc Clinic within the physiotherapy department at his prestigious Spine Care Clinics (inside the Bridgewater Wellness Clinic) just south of Manchester’s city centre.

Mr Shoo has been an IDD supporter for some years,