Nerve Pain: How IDD Therapy Disc Treatment helps to relieve arm pain and leg pain (sciatica)


Do you suffer sleepless nights with the shooting pains in your legs and numbness in your feet?

Do you have an ache across your shoulders, down your arms and into your hands?

Nerve pain of this kind is often a sign of an underlying spinal disc problem.

By targeting specific spinal segments, IDD Therapy can treat nerve pain effectively and non-invasively.


Nerve pain affecting the legs (sciatica)

sciatica image 2 - runnerSciatica is the term used to describe the inflammation or compression of the sciatic nerve which runs from the back of the pelvis through the buttocks and down both legs to the feet.

When the nerve is irritated or hampered in this way, the result can be a shooting or grinding pain down one or both legs.  Sometimes sufferers will also experience tingling, numbness or weakness in the legs and feet.

Sciatica is often associated with a herniated or ‘slipped’ disc in the lumbar spine so there may also be pain in the lower back, around the area of the protrusion.

Nerve pain affecting the arms and hands

Similarly, it is quite common for neck pain sufferers to experience additional pain, tingling or numbness across the shoulders, down the arms and hands – the result of a pinched or irritated nerve.  It’s usually caused by one of the discs between the bones of the upper spine bulging outwards on to a nearby nerve.


Does nerve pain ever go away by itself?

Most episodes of nerve pain resolve within a couple of weeks with over the counter anti-inflammatory drugs.  Also, it helps to go about your normal daily activities if you can.  However, if the pain is still present after six weeks, it’s advisable to seek help from a spinal disc specialist.


Spine low resNerve pain caused by a herniated or ‘slipped’ disc

Discs are the protective pads of connective tissue dividing the bones of the spine – the ‘shock absorbers’ which protect the spine when we move around.

Over time – usually with prolonged periods of standing, sitting, bending or lifting – it’s possible to cause weakness in the spine which can eventually cause a disc to bulge out of its normal position or even rupture on or near surrounding nerves. When damage like this occurs we might say that the disc has ’slipped’, herniated or prolapsed.


How does IDD Therapy help patients with nerve pain?

IDD Therapy uses safe and gentle pulling forces to draw apart specific spinal segments where discs are damaged, removing pressure and irritation from trapped nerves.

This is particularly effective for nerve pain, since opening up the disc space helps to dilute any inflammatory toxins which might be causing irritation to the surrounding nerves whilst also relieving pressure from them.

Patients receive a structured programme of regular IDD Therapy sessions, allowing the body to adapt to treatment whilst progressively relieving pain and improving mobility.

Research shows that patients with a herniated disc in the lumbar spine and accompanying sciatica showed a good to excellent improvement with this mode of treatment in 86% of cases.


Margaret’s IDD Therapy Experience

140530 Margaret and Mark Roughley 2 resizedRetired nurse Margaret Vernalls from Hereford suffered for 4 years with back pain and sciatica:

“I’d suffered with lower back pain on and off for a couple of years but after a knee replacement operation it got much worse and I also began to get a grinding sciatic pain in my leg when I’d been sitting for too long or walking for any length of time.

I ended up needing a stick and I found it very difficult to do my normal daily activities and even simple things like dressing myself and standing at the sink to wash the dishes were a problem.

My clinician, Mark Roughley (Leominster Osteopaths) recommended a programme of IDD Therapy to treat the two disc bulges in my spine.  He continually assessed my progress during the programme and suggested gentle exercises to do at home to compliment the treatment.

At the end of the programme, I was virtually pain-free and able to enjoy my usual daily activities including walking with my friends – something I’d really missed.  I’d definitely recommend IDD Therapy.. it’s given me back my life!


If you are suffering with back pain or sciatica, click on the link below to see how IDD Therapy can help.


Rachael’s IDD Therapy Experience

27 year old Rachael James from South London was suddenly struck with excruciating pain and paralysis in her shoulders, arms and hands.

“My job as a cinematographer meant I was always carrying heavy camera equipment which may have set off what first appeared like whiplash injury problems.

It started with tingling in my fingers and arms then pain in my shoulder blades and left arm and eventually, I had two permanently numb fingers on my left hand.  I had problems dressing myself, typing and writing – even opening a bottle of juice.

I was prescribed strong painkillers and advised to consider cortisone injections before looking towards surgery as a likely option.  I was devastated to hear this and desperately wanted to find a non-invasive alternative. After much searching I found IDD Therapy and went along for an assessment at Spinex Disc Clinic in London, headed by osteopath Sally Lansdale.

Heat therapy was used to warm up the muscles in my neck then I relaxed fully-clothed on the treatment bed for about 25 minutes – I could just feel a gentle stretching sensation through my neck and down my spine.

After completing the programme, I have a full range of movement in my neck; my shoulders are almost back to normal and I very rarely get dead arms at night now.  I’ve regained the full function of my fingers and arms and rarely have pins and needles.

I only take mild painkillers very occasionally now and I feel so much happier in myself.  I feel very lucky to have found IDD Therapy and I’m so relieved that I didn’t opt for spinal surgery.”

If you’re suffering with neck pain or any of the additional symptoms mentioned above, click on the link below to see how IDD Therapy can help.


Take a look at our video testimonials to see how patients with back pain, neck pain and associated nerve pain have been helped with IDD Therapy.  Just click on the link below.