Clive Giblin with Stephen Small lr

Kent osteopathy clinic brings in IDD Therapy – Hythe Osteopathy & Spine Clinic

Ironically, many osteopaths and manual therapists suffer with back pain whilst relieving others of their back pain!  It is the physical nature of the job and no stranger to back pain is Kentish osteopath Clive Giblin.

Clive suffered for many years and when nothing else was working, he visited a colleague in Goudhurst,

Stockwood Osteopathic Clinic lr

Stockwood Osteopathic And Sports Injury Clinic joins IDD Therapy Disc Clinic network

Located in Buckingham, Buckinghamshire, Adam Balderstone has brought IDD Therapy to his clinic to extend the range of non-invasive spine service for his patients.

Adam is a highly experienced osteopath with a passion for spine care, his other main interest is treating horses.

You can read more about IDD Therapy at the clinic’s website CLICK HERE or arrange to see Adam Balderstone by calling 01280 390 760. 

Herniated disc and unable to walk after squash game – how this 33 year old got his life back with IDD Therapy at Spinex Disc Clinic

There are many ways to injure a spinal disc.  Hear how this 33 year old couldn’t walk for a week and a half after a squash injury left him with a herniated disc.

After a course of IDD Therapy at Spinex Disc Clinic in London, his life is transformed and he can sleep again.

Physiotherapy Clinic Croydon – Lisa’s heart warming video thank you for IDD Therapy at Back In Shape

The genuine gratitude expressed by back pain sufferer Lisa is incredibly touching.  Before IDD Therapy at Back In Shape Croydon, Lisa describes how people could barely understand her because she was taking so much medication to cope with her pain.

Back In Shape is a leading physiotherapy clinic in Croydon owned by Anthony and Karen Padgett.

Back pain clinic Glasgow – video shows a lady barely able to walk now walking freely after IDD Therapy at The Buckingham Clinic

Back Pain Clinic Glasgow – Gary Kennedy from the Buckingham Clinic Glasgow captured the dramatic transformation of a patient who for a long time had been barely able to walk due to back pain.

The Buckingham Clinic in Glasgow is the leading IDD Therapy treatment provider in the UK.  Many patients who have given up hope of being able to move without pain discover that all is not lost.