idd therapy treatment for herniated disc, prolapsed disc, slipped disc, bulging disc

IDD Therapy is the specialist non-invasive treatment for spinal disc conditions including: Herniated Discs, Slipped Discs, Prolapsed Discs and Bulging Discs.

You can read more about the treatment below.  But first, here are the details of the IDD Therapy treatment provider in Aldgate, London:


HFS Clinics
City of London Medical Centre
11-13 Crosswall


Services provided include : Physiotherapy, IDD Therapy Disc Treatment, Gait Analysis, Running School, Podiatry, Orthotics, Ergonomics, Sports Massage, Podiatry

IDD Therapy Contact: Nick Critchley, MCSP
Tel: 0207 702 1112

IDD Therapy at HFS Clinics Sally with patient
IDD Therapy Disc Treatment at HFS Clinics, Aldgate

Whilst most back pain and neck pain issues are resolved with hands-on treatments and rehabilitation, for difficult spinal disc issues, clinics use IDD Therapy Disc Treatment as part of a complete programme of care.

IDD Therapy enables clinicians to treat targeted spinal segments.  In the lower back the most commonly treated discs are the L5-S1 and L4-L5 and in the neck the C5-C6, C6-C7 discs.   Other discs can also be treated and IDD Therapy is targeted to those levels in the same way.

About IDD Therapy

IDD stands for Intervertebral Differential Dynamics (IDD) Therapy.  The name relates to the manner in which the therapy treats intervertebral segments, creating pressure differentials in dynamic cycles of decompression and mobilisation.

vertebrae-distractionIt was developed in the USA in the late 1990s to address the failings of traditional traction and the limitations of what can be achieved with the hands alone.  IDD Therapy is now established in over 1,000 clinics, including a network of providers across London and the UK.

IDD Therapy is a targeted treatment which relieves pressure on specific spinal discs and gently restores mobility.  It is used to treat low back pain, neck pain and sciatica where there is an underlying disc problem such as a herniated/slipped/prolapsed/bulging disc or where there is disc degeneration and inflammation of the facet joints.

The key reason clinicians use IDD Therapy is because it enables them to decompress targeted spinal segments with sufficient force, for sufficient time and with a degree of precision and control that cannot be achieved with manual therapy. The treatment is computer controlled, safe and extremely comfortable.

Who is suitable for IDD Therapy?

Most patients who come for IDD Therapy typically have chronic back pain, neck pain or leg pain, usually with an underlying disc problem.  By “chronic” we mean they have been experiencing pain for more than three months.

Large disc herniation shown on MRI

The pain might be a deep ache in the back or neck which restricts movement or it can be shooting pains, particularly in cases where a disc is pressing on or irritating a nerve as it exits the spine.  This is the nerve pain and the most common nerve pain addressed by IDD Therapy is sciatica (Nerve pain which travels down the sciatic nerve through the buttocks and legs).

When pain is not resolving and manual therapy is not working, IDD Therapy helps to bridge the treatment gap.  Rather than live in pain, or consider pain management, spinal injections or in extreme cases surgery, patients can undergo non-invasive treatment with IDD Therapy.

Treatment is suitable for people of all ages including patients who have already undergone spinal surgery (provided there is no metal/surgical hardware in the spine).

Success Rates

IDD Therapy has a 70-90% success rate depending on the condition, where success is measured as a greater than 50% reduction in pain.  It is supported by a body of scientific evidence and all clinics use internationally-recognised research tools to monitor patient progress and outcomes.  There is no such thing as a miracle cure for back pain and no treatment has a 100% success rate, however IDD Therapy provides a clear treatment path for patients with unresolved back and neck pain.

With IDD Therapy, patients undergo a course of treatment and the supervising clinician is looking for signs of improvement along the way, e.g improved movement and sleep patterns.

For some patients, symptomatic relief can come suddenly whilst for those with conditions which have built up over time, change occurs progressively.  Your supervising clinician will discuss your treatment plan with you.

Pain relief is a key aspect of the treatment.  To achieve this, the principal objective of IDD Therapy is to decompress the disc and restore mobility.  By progressively improving mobility in the spinal segment over a course of treatment, this allows the body’s natural healing mechanisms to operate more efficiently with a goal of long term pain relief, rather than as a short term fix.

Injections – patients who are considering or are having spinal injections can undergo IDD Therapy.  Most spinal injections are intended to relieve pain and create a pain-free window for other treatments.  Injections on their own do not address underlying compression and immobility of spinal segments and should be given in combination with structured rehabilitation to address the causes of a condition.

Next Step

If you are interested to see if IDD Therapy is suitable for you, you can book a consultation at HFS Clinics in Aldgate.  Arrange to see Nick Critchley by calling 0207 702 1112 and quote IDD Website. You may wish to visit HFS Clinic’s IDD Therapy treatment page here .

If you are researching treatment options for a disc problem you can read more about IDD Therapy on this website, here , watch treatment videos, read patient testimonials, use the clinic finder to see a map of IDD Therapy locations or you may find the Frequently Asked Questions helpful.

Alternatively you can send a question on our Quick Contact Form or to receive a brochure by email, use the request form below. 

We wish you success with your treatment.

Note: Information on this site is provided by IDD Therapy Services Europe of Steadfast Clinics Ltd and is intended for guidance purposes.  At Steadfast Clinics we work closely with the physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors and medical doctors who provide IDD Therapy.  We are available to answer general questions so feel free to call 0345 6252566 or 01279 602030.   We are based in Hertfordshire, UK.  Patients should always speak to their supervising clinician for accurate diagnosis and advice for the treatment of a medical condition.