My back pain was so crippling I vomited with the agony… Now I’m pain-free and back at work thanks to IDD Therapy

Chris Scott from Essex was used to travelling internationally in his role as Managing Director of a global logistics company.  However, his life halted dramatically when the back pain he’d been managing for years finally got the better of him.

54 year old Chris explains:

“I’d suffered on an off with back pain and grinding sciatica in my leg for about ten years but last September my back ‘just went’

Chronic back pain suffer explains how IDD Therapy has given her “a new lease of life”

For several years, chronic back pain sufferer, Francoise had been plagued by problems with her lumbar spine.

She’d tried manual therapy and had been an osteopathic patient of John Yeboah‘s at Enfield Osteopathic Clinic for two years.  The osteopathy treatment gave her temporary relief but the episodes of pain and immobility kept returning:

“The problem would reappear,

Buxton Osteopathy Clinic puts Derbyshire on the IDD Therapy Disc Clinic Map

Last week, Buxton Osteopathy Clinic became the UK’s 28th IDD Therapy Disc Clinic, welcoming its new AccuSPINA in from the US.


For Clinic Director Phil Heler this was a moment he’d been anticipating for over two years.

“I knew that it was just a matter of time before IDD Therapy would become part of our back pain services here in Buxton.